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About ChocJET



The first ChocJET prototype printing in 2D. Music by Dan-O at http://danosongs.com

We love chocolate, and we love 3D printing. So, we decided to build a 3D printer for chocolate. Have you seen the movie of our first prototype? Check it out! While the movie only shows a 2D print right now, we are working towards a perfect 3D print.

What makes our 3D printer for chocolate so special? We are developing this machine together with people who are working with chocolate on a daily base and know exactly what they need. Combined with the expertise on 3D printing in our team we believe we were able to create a machine that combines the best of both worlds.

The printer is easy to use but at the same time can be tweaked and customised endless to push chocolate to its limits. So whether you are an innovator discovering new chocolate possibilities with each creation, or you just need your daily dose of creative chocolate, the ChocJET is the right machine for you!

Read more about the ChocJET, the products it can make and the team behind it below!

Printed Chocolate

Printed Chocolate


Chocolate bars with text and images

The first thing we focused on was 2D printing of chocolate. We printed white chocolate in a chocolate mould and poured milk or dark chocolate over the print. The result: beautiful chocolate bars with texts or images.

3D Objects

As we speak we are working hard to make 3D printing work as well as 2D printing works. Although this poses new challenges with, for example, cooling and overhang, 3D is actually a relatively small step from 2D chocolate printing.

Buying products made by a ChocJET

Ordering chocolate bars with your custom text in it, will soon be available in the Netherlands through our partner CHOCSTAR. For the rest of the world: ask your local chocolatier to get in contact with ChocJET.

Getting a ChocJET and start creating yourself

Contact us or leave your email address in the form below, we will keep you updated when the first printers can be ordered!

The Printer

The Printer


Lately quite some 3D chocolate printers are being announced or released. What sets the ChocJET printer apart from these machines? Why is this the printer you need?

Coming from the chocolate world and the 3D print world

We are not a 3D printer company wandering into the chocolate world, nor a chocolate company exploring into the 3D world. ChocJET is build with knowledge and experience from both worlds! Since we have a chocolatier and a 3D printing expert on our team, we managed to build a printer that incorporates the newest advances from the 3D print community in the chocolate workplace.

Build for practice

The ChocJET printer was build to be used on a daily base in the production facility of our launching customer CHOCSTAR. Therefore, usability and repeatability were very high on our priority list. The chocolate reservoir is heated and stirred, and once the right temperature is reached the machine is ready to print the entire day. Heating up is a breeze thanks to the automated heat up sequence, resulting in perfectly tempered chocolate each and every time.

Endless applications

There are many applications of the ChocJET. You can print 3D chocolate objects which has already endless possibilities. Besides printing chocolate to look good, you can also print special structures and textures, and combine it with other ingredients to create an amazing mouth feel. 2D chocolate printing can be used to make chocolate bars with text and images, as shown above, but you can also use it to print letters, logos and other shapes, which can be used to decorate anything (cakes, desserts, etc.). And you could even just use the machine as a chocolate dispenser with tempered chocolate coming out in the exact quantities you need.

Building together

The ChocJET printer is build with many open source components, both in software and hardware. We do this, because we believe that together we can reach the best results. There is still much to be discovered, both from a process point of view and in the creative part. If you join us and start discovering, we can grow together!


Artist impression of the first prototype.




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Sebastian Yap

The main developer behind the ChocJET printer. Was educated as an industrial designer but has allways ventured out into new areas. From hardware to software and from starting new business to chocolate tasting, he was very busy with all aspects to realise the ChocJET.


Annefrid Imenkamp

With her webshop selling custom chocolate bars she set herself a mission to save mankind from boring chocolate. To make that happen she and her team are working every day to create new, crazy products and get them in your mailbox. She puts the ‘choc’ in ChocJET.


Job van Noorloos

Runs a webshop in 3D printing filaments and is working every day to get new materials on the market. No wonder his webshop is considered among the most innovative filament suppliers. For ChocJET he supplies materials, 3D print knowledge and helps with the engineering.


Contact Us

Contact Us


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